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Check Out  Some Questions And Answers HERE 


What is Team Builder BTC?


Team Builder BTC is an Advertising/Income Community where people like you can gain advertising credits whilst participating in the bonus Matrix Position. 




Who will see my ads?


Your ads will be seen primarily by other online members like you who are actively involved in the site and may be interested in another online business like yourself.

Also Text Ads Will Be Shown On Our Network Of Sites  For That  Wide Exsposure You Have Been Looking For 



 Network Text Ads  Shown

On Over 50 diffrent  Web Sites / Landing Pages To Date 

More sites added  Over Time


Also If You Have A Web Site and would like to ad  the  network text ads to your site  

here is the html code 
<script src=""></script>
Just Copy and paste  the code in to your site / splash page
contact us  via the support tab with your  site url and we will add your Bonus Ad Credits 
we will Reward 2,000 network ad credits to your account





Does Team Builder BTC provide a large targeted audience to view my ads?


As TeamBuilderBTC membership grows so does the target audience.



How many ads will I get in Team Builder Btc For My Purchases?


100 Text Ad Impression and Banner 100 Ad Impression Credits Each time you purchase a new position in the Bronze ..


200Text Ad Impression and Banner 200 Ad Impression Credits Each time you purchase a new position in the Silver..


400 Text Ad Impression and Banner300 Ad Impression Credits Each time you purchase a new position in the Gold..


800 Text Ad Impression and Banner 400 Ad Impression Credits Each time you purchase a new position in the Platinum..



What is the Monthly Fee?


We do not have a monthly fee.



What payment methods do you accept?


You may use any of the coins listed on the processor when you select the purchase position button.

Make sure you actually have coins in the wallet you choose to purschase your position.

All withdrawals will be done using Bitcoin or litecoin  state your option  at the time of withdrawal  and all associated fees by the Blockchain will be handled by the members. 



How many  positions can i purchase ? 


Earn From Every Ad Pack Purchased  ( Stacking Positions Encouraged )

The More  Packs You Buy The Bigger  The Earning Possibilities 



How much can I expect to earn? 


No guarantee is made  and depends completely on the members promotional activities.




Do all members participate in Team Builder BTC?


All Members pay for Advertising  upon joining to be in the matrix, so all member will be active.



What about free members, can they earn and are they placed in the matrix?






How do I receive my bonus from the Matrix?


When a position is filled, you will receive your "bonus" 



Are there any fees for withdrawals?


Yes, there is a standard admin withdrawal fee $3.00 per withdrawal 



Are there any Refunds?


No, All Purchases Are Paid  Out In The Bonus Structure  All Sales Are Final And  No Refunds